About Us

We are a leading IT company in Nigeria. Webloit is owned and maintained by Mimisterio System Solutions(MS2)(BN 2626957) and Creative Shadows(BN 2697894). With years of expert and professional services in Information Technology you can be sure of first-class and efficient services from us. The services these companies offer include:

Web Design/Development

As the world grows and technology advances, people see more reasons to establish an online presence for themselves. You can either leverage on WebFice which has already been created for you and is available for free when you sign up or contact us for a customised, responsive, user-friendly website for your company, office or store.

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Software Development

Most internet users come surf the web from their mobile phones. This is a great time of targeting those users by creating a mobile app for yourself or company targeted at these users.


Front Banners, branding, name it, you can trust us with the job.

Digital Marketing

Want to grow your customer base exponentially? This is why a company like Mimisterio System Solutions exists. Contact us today.

Business Analysis

We're faced with tons of data that reading meaning into them becomes a bone in the neck. Though we've incorporated some data analysis feature into Webloit, if you feel they're not enough or need a customised data analysing to help you make better decision for your company or organisation especially as a non-Seller on this platform then Mimisterio System Solutions is the go-to for such job.


We're always available for consultation. After all, what are partners for?


We carry out both corporate and individual training on security, digital marketing, graphics design, web/software development and business analysis. We carry out these trainings in batches and at regular intervals but we're also available for any urgent training and/or assistance if needed.

Why Webloit?

Webloit is designed to carter for all sellers of legitimate and genuine products longing to create an online presence for themselves or brands while maximizing profit through cross-border transaction. Why limit your sales to only people within your reach or community when you can actually expand at no cost?

For buyers/customers, you get access to genuine products and 100% anti-fake products and also protection from "what-I-ordered-vs-what-I-got" scenario so that you can always trust shopping fon Webloit. Learn more here.

You can sell for free and and as a Buyer you're presented with multitude of Sellers longing to meet your specific need(s). Some of the benefits of Webloit include:

Increased Visibility of products

Whenever a search is triggered or a category is visited or a seller is searched, your result must always come out first.

Homepage Display

Your product(s) will always be included among those displayed in the homepage

Fast Cashout

We understand that sellers need money as soon as possible for every sales made so that they can restock their warehouses. Here, we pay sellers for every order fulfilled 2-4 days after product/item has been delivered to buyer.


Buyers are most times impatient and expect delivery of their ordered items/products even faster than the speed of light after successfully making purchase. Logistics can be such a serious burden especially when it involves distant transaction/exchange. We handle delivery through our extensive network of experienced courier services such that you as a seller only have to do nothing - JUST UPLOAD PRODUCT FOR SALE (FROM THE DASHBOARD) AND RELAX.

Access Buyers Easily

Have access to biddings from Buyers, i.e, those seeking special delivery, packages or quotations. This helps to boost business as it attracts Customers more to yourself

Unlimited Listing

Non-WebMinister Sellers are only allowed a maximum of 20 products displayed on their WebFice

Email Marketing Campaign

Access to the email marketing feature on this platform to Buyers to boost sales and handle your customers yourself(even as we handle all customers in general)

Ad-free WebFice

A cleaner WebFice without ads from other Sellers.

make important decisions

Quick Specifications

Alongside, there alse also special packages for WebMinister Sellers which comes with added benefits over non-WebMinister Sellers like:

WebMinister Non-WebMinister
WebFice Yes Yes
Product Listing Yes Yes
Unlimited Product Listing Yes No
Email Marketing Yes No
Create Mailing List Yes No
Create Email Marketing Campaign Yes No
Access To Biddings/Quotation Requests From Other Users Yes No
Customisable WebFice Yes Yes
Customer Care Support Yes Yes
Products Displayed On Homepage (increased visibility/Prioriy Listing) Yes No
Products Will Be Featured In Any Of Our Global Marketing Campaign Yes Maybe
Access To Statistical/Business Analytics Tools Yes Yes
Customer Relationsip Management Yes Yes
Inventory Management Yes Yes

Welcome to Webloit once again.

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