You have now signed up on Webloit - world's number one Web Market. This guide is partitioned into two(2) parts targeted at sellers and buyers respectively. Without wasting time, here we go.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Webloit is a Web Market built to give Sellers a live feeling of an online marketplace where they are in control of the activities. With this it eliminates the limitations Sellers may face of setting up a web store/shop/"WEBFICE" due to technical constraint or financial wherewithal. Everything has been taken care of here including payment processing, delivery and security while you as a Seller just focuses on making money for yourself. You can give discounts, offer free shipping or choose to use an alternate shipping provider other than theone we provide, bulk-mail customers, analyse data to see how far you've gone, connect to buyers and other Sellers all over the world, etc. You can also sell in any currency while we convert it to the default(naira) at checkout to the Buyer. This means that you don't need to worry about exchange rates or a case of fallen currency price that may lead to loss for your company/store. You can check the exchange rate of some currencies here. Note that it'll only be presented to you in naira.

This refers to the custom website created for you as a Seller or Buyer. Buyers(or users in general) can visit it and browse through your products as well as make purchases from you. The link can be shared to customers or friends as well. To get this WEBFICE Log In/Sign Up now.

Ever wondered if one can ever do nothing to make money? Well, we're in that stage in this century already. Get a Seller to sign up on this platform (using the referral link created for you when you Sign Up) and get 2% of the value of every product sold by the Seller. It's that easy and stress-free.

Yes. On your dashboard, simply expand the menu and click on "My Policies" and you'll be taken to the page where you can update your personal details. Select "I will 'free-ship my products/bear the cost of delivery" where asked for Delivery Option and then set a minimum amount buyer must spend before being eligible for the offer. Leave it at "0" if you plan delivering for free all through regardless of the amount spent.

Very easy. Go to your dashboard, check the menu on the left(on mobile devices you may have to click on the "hamburger" button to reveal this menu), click on "upload product" and you'll be presented with the product upload page. You can upload as much as 5 related products at once for listing. You're advised to make sure the product images are very clear and with a white background. Its width and height is advised to be 550 and 505 respectively and should be of JPEG or PNG format. After selecting a product for display, give it a name and detailed description as well as fill other necessary fields that represent the product and then click on "upload to warehouse" and you're done.

You can add more categories to our already displayed categories and they'll be visible when a Buyer visits your "WEBFICE".You can also add pages to your "WEBFICE" and customise its feel and look. Log in to your dashboard and explore these cool features. When logged in click the "catalogue" option and there you can add as many categories as you like. In adding pages, note that you can only add a maximum of four(4) pages. To add pages, go to "Settings" and click on "create page".

Yes, anybody can. But to get settled you must have a Nigeria Bank Account.

Yes. We'll automatically convert it to Naira when Buyer views cart or decides to place the order officially.

For now the option is not supported. We seek to bring an ideal Web Market to our Users where the trust level will be 100%. It'll interest you to know that your money doesn't go directly to the Seller, it goes into an escrow account and the Seller only gets paid when you're satisfied and the product/item has been delivered. A Transaction ID is sent to you on every product in a Transaction bought on this platform (Learn how to use this ID). This way we confirm your satisfaction of the delivery.

Also, and to be sincere, this payment method is not profitable for any e-commerce business. It is risky (carrying cash around) and not reliable especially as some buyers deliberately order a product just to check it and then return it to the seller, thereby causing the company loss. Our service(s) to our esteemed customers and users will improve and be made more efficient when we make profit so that we can expand our operations. This is just the plain truth and why we came up with this strategy to make sure both parties are satisfied and without fraud. Thank you for understanding and your patronage.

When you pay online via Webloit your money gets stored in an escrow account and is not given directly to the Seller. The Seller is only credited when you're satisfied. This means that if you're not impressed or seek a refund we'll do that 100%. In addition, it helps us to easily resolve any issue between a Buyer and a Seller. WIth this you can be sure that your money is "insured". Thank you for choosing Webloit.

Yes. Very Much. And you'll be refunded 100% the amount you paid after the Team reviews the product and the reason for the return. This is as long as the product in context falls under the category of products that can be returned. Only products that have been delivered can be requested for a return. To return a product simply raise a dispute and supply the required data including the transaction ID

After receiving your order(s) and you are not satisfied with it/them you can then raise a dispute which we'll then look into between you and the Seller. Depending on the resolution reached a Return/Refund will be initiated immediately. Disputes can be created on individual product only for now. If you made 2 orders and you are not satisfied with both then the Transaction ID of each product/item shall be entered individually. If, however, you made 3 orders and you're only satisfied with one, you can still create the dispute on the 2 you are not satisfied with. The seller will only cash out on the one without dispute while the others will be investigated or looked into.

Also, buyers have a 7-day default grace period (which can be extended by Sellers) to make a dispute on any purchased item. This is the default Warranty Period on Webloit for our customers.

Take note that in the case of a return the buyer will bear the cost of shipping/delivery unless Webloit/Seller chooses to take this responsibility.

A customer may have ordered 5 items/products and have only 4 delivered. This may be because the seller may have run out of stock of the 5th item and had run out of time to source for it. In this case, the seller may have just shipped the ones in stock.

Please note that the amount spent on the last product will be fully refunded and the shipping fee recalculated to give you the "extra" that may be on it.

Yes, you can but this is as long as the order hasn't been prepared for shipping or shipped already. Simply supply the Transaction ID (sent as email whenever a purchase is made) here and that's all it takes to cancel an order. You'll also be refunded the full amount paid.

Please note that "orders" are cancelled individually so if you made 2 orders you may have to supply the Transaction ID for each order made per submission of request. This is incase you ordered an Iphone 11 and Iphone 20 and you decide to cancel that of Iphone 20 (which is non-existent as at the time of writing this FAQ) only. If you decide to also cancel that of the Iphone 11 then you may have to supply the Transaction ID of it too.

100% possible. The difference is that for transactions/orders that don't involve Nigeria such orders shall be manually settled. That is, if the Seller doesn't have a Free Shipping Policy then the cost of delivery shall be relayed to both the Seller and Buyer respectively so that either party can clear the bill.

This is an acronym for "Seller's Approval Rating and Score" and is a measure of the Seller's significance or quality as regarding online purchase. It can also be defined as the acceptance level/level of significance of the Seller based on the perspective of the Buyer(s). The formula is "((Number of likes) / Total Votes) * 100", where "Total Votes" refers to all "Likes" and "Rejects" of the Seller. The star rating of each Seller is then calculated from the result where 50-59 = 1 star; 60-69 = 2 stars; 70-79 = 3 stars; 80-89 = 4 stars and 90-100 = 5 stars.

After placing an order a Receipt will be sent to the buyer (with each product being represented by a Transaction ID).This Transaction ID is what will be used to cancel orders and/or raise disputes when necessary.

If, however, the seller of the product offered "Free Shipping" (that is, delivered the item(s) without going through Webloit Courier Service) then you're expected to confirm delivery (as the buyer) with the Receipt and Transaction Password sent to you to indicate you've received delivery of the order(s) made. This is not necessary if the shipping fee was paid for though (and the delivery was made via Webloit Courier Service). Note that the Seller only gets paid after the product has been delivered to you and no dispute was raised.

A Transaction is the collection of all products/items purchased from a particular Merchant. If a buyer purchases 10 items from a Seller then a transaction has taken place.

A Receipt is a token associated with a particular transaction and acts as an identifier for that transaction. This token is what the Seller/Merchant will use to cash out when the transaction is complete and both parties are happy. It is also with this token that you can track the shipment of order(s) made as well as confirm delivery especially after receiving a product marked as "Free Shipping" from the Seller.

A Transaction ID is a token associated with each product in a particular transaction. This token is unique for each product/item in the Transaction and it is with this token that you can raise a dispute for any product/item in a Transaction that you as a buyer is not satisfied with.

A Transaction Password is a token associated with a particular transaction and acts as an authentication mechanism for a particular transaction. This token is unique and shouldn't be given out to anybody. With this token, as a buyer, impersonation is impossible. This means no buyer can be impersonated into confirming and accepting a transaction he/she isn't satisfied with. It is also with this password a refund can be made to you when approved.

As a buyer, please regularly check your email for update and notification especially after making an order. Updates about transaction status are sent there.
As a seller, also do same and more frequently as well. In fact, we recommend checking it every day.

The shipping/Delivery fee is placed based on the weight of an item and the "buyer-seller" location (destination and origin addresses respectively) and is calculated dynamically when checking out. It is also from this calculation that refunds are made especially on cancelled orders. Note that shipping a 10kg item may bear the same cost as shipping a 10.5kg item.