Privacy Policy

Your privacy both as a Buyer and/or Seller is very important to us, thus, we hold it in high esteem and was put into consideration during the development of this platform. Passwords are one-way hashed with the latest and secured hashing algorithm in the world developed by experts. What this means that in a situation where you forget your password or lose it it'll be non-recoverable and you'll have to create a new one by following the prompt.

We routinely conduct marketing campaigns to Buyers and Sellers alike on this platform and sometimes Subscribed Sellers (Webministers) may decide to be involved in the campaign. The interesting fact to note is that none will ever see the email address since the process is automated in the backend but your name and address shall be visible to them - that is those Sellers you patronised since they actually need(ed) it for delivery of your order. This means that all through the process your email address remains anonymous. And only Sellers you as a buyer has ever patronised can send these promotional/follow-up emails/offers to. We may use your email to send targeted adverts and/or offers to you occassionally though.

As a Seller or Buyer, once you register or sign up on Webloit a WEBFICE is automatically created for you. This WEBFICE has a footer column/area where your company's personal/contact information is displayed like the phone number, email address and office address. This wil be manually entered by you and will be displayed in your homepage. Your "sign-up" phone number is the only private information of yours given to Buyers who've made a successful purchase of your product(s) on this platform to boost confidence and for follow up in case of "just-incase" scenarios like late delivery or other related issues and your email address (if you engage in email marketing to Customers or contact them personally) will appear as the Sender in the email. But in case(s) where we're requested by Authorities to provide information about a User(Buyer or Seller) or transaction and with a subpoena we shall comply.

Also, as a buyer/user your information like your name, address, location and order details are shared with any Seller you patronise. This is to enable efficient delivery of ordered items.

When you engage in email marketing via Webloit we don't save your email settings such as password, host name or even the content of the email on our server or anywhere else (other than your device for any setting at all that must be saved as indicated in the next sentence). However, the host name and the port (these details are always required before you can actually send any email and they're publicly available when you contact your email service host) are stored on your device after you must have filled it the first time. This is for your convenience and comfort as they'll be auto-filled when next you engage in another email campaign. Your password is NEVER saved at all. This means that for every campaign you must fill in this (password of your email account) piece of information. This is just for authentication.

Return Policy

Returns/Refunds are variables and not constants - it means that the Return/Refund of product(s) is based on the Seller but governed by Webloit. On successful purchase of [a] product(s) a unique transaction ID mapped to each product/a single product(depending on the type of purchase that was made - bulk or single) is created and sent to you. When you receieve the product and are not satisfied with it you have a 7-day grace period to lay a complaint. Within this period if you're not satisfied you can lay the complain here and we'll have the matter looked into. If, however, after the grace period you later have any complaint of the product(s) you should contact the Seller directly. In case(s) where the matter can't be resolved by both parties then you can contact us to step in to resolve the dispute. Products that can be considered for a Return/Refund are (but not constants as Sellers may have their own policies which may extend this. Note that the Buyer or Seller may have to take care of the delivery. In some cases, however, the buyer may be refunded the full cost of delivery fee paid depending on the case scenario):

  • Body/Fashion Items/Products like clothes, shoes, etc that haven't been opened
  • Items/Products with defects
  • Items/Products that became defective but with warranty/guarantee
  • Items/Product with warranty
  • Fake Items/products or an Items/product different from what was displayed online.

As a Seller, please note that this platform has no tolerance for fake or substandard product. If a buyer isn't satisfied and after investigation it was found that you sold a fake or substandard product you may be penalised (which may include paying of fine, suspension or possible expulsion from the platform).

Terms And Condition

The term "Webloit" and "us" shall refer to Mimisterio System Solutions, Creative Shadows as well the individual founders of Webloit.

The term "Seller" shall refer to any person or individual who has uploaded any product for display on Webloit.

The term "Buyer" and "us" shall refer to any person or individual who has ever made purchases from or on Webloit.

The term "Merchant" shall refer to any buyer and/or seller on Webloit as well as anyone who may have opened an account on Webloit.

The term "User" or "Customer" shall refer to both buyer, seller and Merchant on Webloit.

We've done the best to make sure your account is 100% secured which includes one-way hashing of password, account lock, etc. By using this platform, Webloit or any related company in affliation to this e-commerce service/platform you acknowledge that we won't be held responsible for any account breach of any kind which may, can or can not be traceable to the client, which is the User (Buyer, Seller or "User" in general). To this effect it is important to keep client-side Security measures always like not using easy-to-guess passwords, don't click on any suspicious link and reporting them when come across. We shall never ask for your account password or any other private information of yours. In a rare case(s) where your Transaction ID shall be requested (for settling payment dispute or return issue) the Agent, Customer Care Representative or Worker must and should always provide extra Transaction Data related to you which is related to the particular transaction to be rectified. This is after you must have explained yourself with enough data during the course of your complaint registration. By creating an account/signing up you agree to be bounded by these terms and conditions.

Also, on a successful transaction you'll be automatically registered as a "Customer" (Buyer and/or Seller) whom we, alongside the Seller(s) you've patronised, can target in any of our marketing campaigns but your personal data like email address or phone number shall never be divulged in the process. To stop receiving promotional offers from Webloit or any of the Sellers it'll have to be done manually. Instruction(s) for that can be found in any of the emails that will or may have been sent to you.

Webloit reserves the right to use any image/photo uploaded as a Seller/Buyer for marketing campaign(s) and/or any other activity it considers necessary for the growth and development of Webloit. Webloit also reserves the right to use your profile for advertisement and/or testimonial review for the sake of publicity and growth.

As a Seller you agree to update and manage your inventory so that your stocks will be up to date. This will also help Customers/Buyers make informed decisions on the product they want to buy as well as to know the available quantity available.

Promotional offers and/or features are not guaranteed to last as long as stipulated. We reserve the right to cut short and/or stop any offer at any point in time if necessary for the growth and development of Webloit and/or any of its affliated companies with or without prior notice.

When you make any purchase as a Buyer from any Seller on Webloit you are automatically added to the Seller's campaign list. If he/she chooses to embark on any marketing campaign you shall also be included until you manually opt out from the program.

Webloit shall not be held responsible for any data breach, account theft/takeover and/or technical and/or non-related technical issue which may or may not be related to carelessnes and/or negligence on either the part of User or Webloit.

In addition, by signing up and attempting to list or list a product you become a Seller automatically and you promise to always update your product(s) and upload product(s) with no misinformation. In a case of a default we reserve the right to terminate User's "registeration" status which means Seller will be evicted from the platform, Webloit. We also reserve the right to implement other punishments which include but not limited to:suspension of account, deleting of product(s), among others, and in extreme case(s) prosecution.

Webloits shall not be held responsible for any currency conversion error to naira(NGN) or any other currency on this platform. The exchange rate is updated at a regular interval already and shall also not be liable for any order cancelled/lost as a result of possible late preparation of product.

You agree to always upload true, legit and correct products as well as specifying its/their true weight(s) and dimension(s). Failure to do so may mean permanent expulsion from this platform.

In changing name of your Webfice you agree to only use legitimate name and one legitimately ascribed to yourself either as an entity or individual.

You will always upload legitimate products and those not considered as contraband or illegal such as but not limited to drugs, guns or weapons in general.

After submitting a request for shipping booking we do not guarantee that the booking will be placed on the exact date or time you requested nor within the timeframe specified. However, when booked you shall always be present at the location to deliver the item(s) to the Delivery man for pickup and delivery to the buyer.

Regular changes shall/can be made to these terms and conditions and/or the privacy or any other policy with or without prior notice to Users on this platform and shall remain binding on Users like the one(s) before it. However, this will still be communicated whenever changes are made.

In any case of conflicting interest, decisions made by Webloit shall overrule any other decision and be implemented especially regarding Transactions/Orders

As a Seller, you agree to commit to a 24-hour (or less) shipment preparation for delivery immediately an order has been made and receieved. The goal is to satisfy our buyers - your buyers, and provide the fastest delivery ever possible on earth.

We reserve the right to terminate any contract or agreement based on Webloit's interest whenever or wherever there is a default on your part as a Seller, Buyer, User, Merchant or Customer or whenever Webloit deems it fit for general growth interest like in a case of fraudulent profile causing trust issues on Webloit.

Concerning advertisement, advertising of conflicting areas of interest/business to Webloit on Webloit such as e-commerce or other online shops is strictly prohibited.

Also, advertising of prohibited goods according to the law of the Ferderal Republic of Nigeria is strictly prohibited.

There is no guarantee that any single advertisement will appear on every media platform since we carry out advertisement based on user's budget after deducting our commission from the total amount.

Defaulting may lead to penalisation, at Webloit's discretion, which may or may not include permanent forfeiture of fund spent and/or deleting of the defaulting ad on Webloit..