Dear customer, due to the COVID-19 protocol, there may be slight delay in customer enquiry due to possible low number of on-demand staff. However, this manual explains everything necessary to get started using the dashboard as well as understanding how Webloit works. Please take some time to go through this extensively.

Webloit Crash Course

Lecture In Progress...(WEBLOIT 101)

Welcome to Webloit. This manual shall attempt to guide you through using this platform, Webloit, to run your business and covers topics on usage and navigation even though some items are self-explanatory already. We acknowledge that some of these terms, calculations and analysis may seem "mighty". However, over time you shall get used to the features as you continue shopping and selling on Webloit. Especially relating to email marketing, we advice you get books on the topic and make extensive research even though this manual shall be updated from time to time and articles written to cover important topics via the blog itself. Always come back here to make references or seek clarification if you ever encounter any difficulty (which you should not anyway).

If you've ever made purchase on Webloit before signing up for an account please read this carefully.
Also, if you ever run into any issue or need to troubleshoot a problem kindly refer to this Manual

Editing Profile

To edit your profile click on the expandable billboard-like object at the top-left corner of the screen on your dashboard where some other menu options available will also be displayed. Click on the "Edit Profile" menu and you'll be taken to the page where you can edit your profile like your name, location, company/organisation name, etc. After you're satisfied click on "Proceed" and you are done.

Creating A Settlement Account

A Settlement Account is actually a bank account in which revenue generated for your company, organisation or store are deposited after every successful transaction. Without a Settlement Account you may not be able to cash out till it's rectified. Please note that only Nigeria bank accounts can be settled for now. Those with foreign accounts may have to contact Webloit for manual settlement. To create a Settlement Account, click on the expandable billboard-like object at the top-left corner of the screen on your dashboard where some other menu options available will also be displayed. Click on the "Settlement Account Settings" menu and a pop up will appear where you can create this account from a dropdown of supported banks.

Verifying Your Webloit Account

By verifying your account we attest to your credibility as a recognised and genuine seller and anywhere your product is displayed it'll come with a "verification" badge which can increase the trust level of buyers when they come across your product or visit your Webfice. Verification costs a one-time charge of NGN20,000 and you can only pay after you've been notified of the successful verification. This is to make sure that only genuine, serious-minded and legitimate sellers sell on Webloit. Note that if you sell fake or sub-standard products or get disputes frequently which are related to sub-standard or illegal products you may lose this accreditation and/or your account. To get accredited again the one-time NGN20,000 fee will be required. To verify your account, click on the expandable billboard-like object at the top-left corner of the screen on your dashboard where some other menu options available will also be displayed. Click on the "Verify Account" menu and you'll be taken to the page where you will be asked to submit some documents for the verification exercise. You can also decide to do it directly now as well.

Please note that you don't need to verify your account to sell on Webloit, it's just to make you stand out among other Sellers.

Offering Free Shipping

Free shipping is great in boosting sales and increasing customers loyalty. You can choose to offer free shipping to selected areas and/or when a particular amount has been spent. To offer free shippping, click on the board-like object at the top-left corner of the screen on your dashboard where some other menu options available will also be displayed. Click on the "Edit Profile" menu and you'll be taken to another page. On that page, in the Delivery Option option select I Will "free-ship" My Products/Bear The Cost Of Delivery. You can then set the threshold for the free shipping to take place and the areas you can "free-ship" to in the next options respectively. If no threshold is set it'll be assumed that the Free Shipping offer applies to every product on your WebFice regardless of the price and so will be applied. If you don't also specify the destinations you can "Free Ship" to it'll be assumed that you'll "Free-Ship" to any part of the world.

Note that even if you offer Free Shipping you can still contact Webloit to handle the delivery to the Buyer's location, just that this time you'll have to take care of the expenses.

NB: When a buyer makes transaction on products/items marked as "Free Shipping", to cash out on such item(s)/product(s), the buyer must have to manually confirm delivery before any money will be paid to your account (as a Seller). This can be relayed to the buyer manually via email when you view "Pending Transaction" and click on the buyer's name. This is automatically handled and taken care of if you decide to deliver via Webloit.


This is a nice way for everyone to make money together. When you sign up you're automatically given a referral ID and a unique link. When anyone signs up with that link you enjoy a 1% bonus anytime the person you referred makes any sale. You can also monitor the number of people that may jhave signed up using your link. To get your link as well as monitor the progress of the link, tap the expandable board-like object at the top-left corner of the screen on your dashboard where some other menu options available will also be displayed. Click on "Referrals" and you're thre right away.

Changing DP

Your Displayed Picture(DP) shall be used to identify you as a seller (or buyer) whenever we do our ranking on the main page and also will serve as the "browser image" when browsers bookmark your WebFice on Users' devices, just as our Webloit logo is displayed in your browser. To set a dp upload a 400x300 image after tapping on the expandable board-like object at the top-left corner of the screen on your dashboard and going to "Change DP".

Uploading/Managing Products

The upload icon (as indicated above) is found just at the footer of the dashboard and is where users can upload product(s) for display/sale on Webloit. You can upload unlimited number of products with a maximum of 5 images for each product where the first image shall be used as the main image when displaying to customers and the rest will only be available when the buyer decides to view details of the products. The idea is that in any email marketing campaign you'll be presented with multiple images which you can utilise for promotions to customers. Ideally the last two or last image can be "Promotional Graphics Work" - that is, images that highlight some benefits or promotions (if engaged in one) associated with your organisation, company or store.

You've also been provided with a rich-text/WYSIWYG editor which you can use to give detailed description of the product you're uploading including the name of the manufacturer, brand, sizes available, weight, etc. Ideally you'll want to arrange these in a List format in the top of the document before the proper full details of the product. Please note that the dimensions(length, width, height) as well as the weight of the products you upload are very important so we can place accurate delivery fee during checkout else you may bear the cost when trying to make shipping. The required detail of each product can be gotten via the manufacturer's website or the internet in general.

Note that the required image dimension on Webloit is 550x505. Anything greater than this and the system will automatically resize the image during uploading before saving. You can use our image crop tool to crop/resize any image before starting upload or product listing.

When you upload a product it becomes available in the "" page.

What is a Product ID?

This is an identifier for a product. It is generated when you upload a product and can be seen when you try to edit an already uploaded product. When you want to run a bounty this ID is what you'll use to reference the product you want to place the Bounty on.

Subscription Packages

For a full benefit of subscribing (or signing up) visit click here.To subscribe click on the "Subscribe" option on the left-hand side menu and you'll be prompted to select the duration for the subscription.

What are Boosted Products?

These products are also called "ads" and are displayed everywhere on Webloit even on other Sellers' pages, i.e, those Sellers that are not WebMinisters. Sellers do this to increase awareness of their products as they're persistently shown on almost every page Buyers visit.

This is an opportunity to give Sellers the avenue to have their products featured on dedicated sides of pages even on WebFice of other Sellers (that are not WebMinisters). Also known as "Ads", this can be accessed on the dashboard where uploaded products are displayed. This is where a Seller can place ads or boost visibility of a certain product for a specific duration.

Why doesn't all my products get displayed on "WEBFICE" when Buyer visits my page?

This is because you're not yet a WebMinister on the platform.

Who is a WebMinister and what is/are the advantage(s)?

A WebMinister is a Seller who has paid for (subscribed) our special subscription package and has more and privileged access on Webloit including features like Bulk/Email Mailing/Marketing, Seeking and Replying quotations from other Sellers/Buyers/Users in general and Buyers all over the world, Unlimited Product listing, Gets his/her product(s) displayed on Webloit homepage which increases sales and visibility, an ad-free "WEBFICE" and free marketing of products by Webloit (though this is not a replacement for a Seller marketing his/her products if he/she deems it fit or necessary).

Fine. I understand everything now. What's up for Webloit?

Despite the amazing features, Webloit only charges a token of 5% for every transaction. That is, when a Buyer buys a product of NGN1,000.00, Webloit collects only NGN50.00 and settles you NGN950.00. This is one way Webloit benefits from this mutual relationship in addition to its subscription and Ads(Product Boosting) packages.

How long before I get settled?

1 days after item has been delivered to the buyer - this is when you can successfully request settlement. Normally, after every transaction a token is sent to the Buyer called Receipt. This token, on successful order by Buyer, will also be sent to you with which you can then use to initiate a settlement request. To initiate this request go to Confirm Transaction in the menu side of your dashboard, input this Receipt and we'll review the transaction and settle you once delivery has been confirmed. This should take a day or two.

Why was I unable to request for Settlement?

This could be that the system has detected a likely case of fraud and has intercepted it or the shipment/delivery fee was not fully paid. This could be as a result of you not putting in the correct weight/dimension of the product.

Alternatively, it could be that you don't have a Nigeria Bank Account. You can still request for manual settlement by sending us an email though.

Creating More Categories

In addition to the standard default categories already laid out, you can also extend the categories to include specific categories you think are important to your business but weren't added. These later categories will show up when User visits your WebFice. To create more categories, on the left-hand menu, click on "Catalogue -> Create Category" and you'll be directed to the page where you can add more categories.Provide a category name and and optional description of what the category is about. Click/Press "Proceed" and you're done.

Creating Sub-Categories

After creating your category as described above, go to "Catalogue -> View Categories" on the menu and when presented with another page click on the Update option and follow the prompt on the next page. Please note that each sub-category must be placed on a new line.

Successful Transactions

This is where all completed transactions/orders that have been delivered to the Buyers are kept. It is found under the Sales option in the left-hand menu on your dashboard. Before your cashing out your transaction must first be Confirmed

Confirming Transactions

To cash out after a successful delivery, this is the link you should use where you'll be asked for the Receipt related to the transaction/products you may have delivered. For more information see this section on Transaction and how it works. It is found under the Sales option in the left-hand menu on your dashboard. After putting in the value you'll have to wait for the transaction to be verified and confirmed by the Sales Team after which you can now "cheque" back where your money will be transferred to you. This should take between 1-2 days.

Common Transaction Errors

  1. Network error: You just have to wait till you've a steady connection and then you try again.
  2. Invalid Recipient (when trying to cash out): This could be that the email address attached to your account as at when you created the settlement account has been changed. You'll have to update/change your settlement account in this case.

What to do when you receive an order (Pending Transactions)

All orders made by buyers but haven't been delivered to the buyer are grouped under this category. When you receive an order and you're ready to deliver the ordered items to the buyer(s) you can do so by clicking on the Prepare Shipment so that the buyer will be notified of the delivery status of the product(s) ordered. Only product(s) whose delivery/shipping fee was/were paid for can be delivered via Webloit. If you (as seller) offered free shipping, while you can still Prepare the shipment(s) to indicate that it's on transit, Webloit may not be able to process the pickup unless you pay for shipping/delivery which you can do by clicking on Clear Debt (which is displayed beside any transaction with "debt") else you're expected to deliver it to the buyer via any means you choose and in record time (Webloit will determine how much the shipping costs and update it on your dashboard so that either party can clear it off). Note that any transaction or order that wasn't marked as "free delivery" and whose shipping fee wasn't paid for, such transaction's shipping/delivery may not be processed until the challenge is rectified by either the buyer or seller. This challenge may occur if the system couldn't calculate the shipping fee during checkout (which should rarely/never happen anyway).

As a quick note when you receive an order from a customer, to delight the customer and make him/her come back, you're advised to package and BRAND the product before delivery to hype your brand and add a professional touch.

NB: After receiving an order (whose shipping/delivery fee was paid), clicking on the "Paid" link (an indicator under the "Shipping/Delivery" row in the table that the shipping/delivery fee was paid) will bring up a dialog box with form which you're expected to fill for every Transaction/Order so that Webloit can process and schedule pickup and delivery. THIS IS NOT APPLICABLE WHEN YOU OFFER FREE SHIPPING THOUGH since it is expected that you deliver the ordered item(s) yourself (you can contact Webloit on delivery fee/price if you choose to handle the delivery through Webloit).

Also, before packaging and handing over ordered items to the delivery man please make sure you have cross-checked the order(s) (contents of the order) of the customer to make sure none has been cancelled. If the order for an item was cancelled and you still go ahead to ship the item we shall not be held responsible for any loss (cancellation is only possible before booking of pickup).

Always visit your dashboard to check for pending orders so that they can be delivered on time.


All orders made by buyers but doesn't go down well with them are grouped under this category and you're advised to attend to them within 3 days. All raised disputes can be found in the Court"yard".

Also, to satisfy customer and make him/her come back and loyal to your brand you can offer a refund of partial or all the amount spent on the particular product. This is only applicable if you as the seller is yet to cashout on the the particular product raised as dispute.

If otherwise then "Out-of-court" settlement can be established where the Seller shall manually refund the buyer depending on the agreement reached. However, the seller is adviced to use Webloit's secured and guaranteed refund method by making the transfer to Webloit and then the buyer can proceed to withdraw or collect the money. Note that you can not make any refund without first making the transfer to Webloit - this is if you've already cashed out.


After raising a dispute concerning an order, when we or Seller replies the dispute a "Court" will be created. This "Court" is actually a list of all "replied" disputes - both those raised by you and those others may have raised against any of your products (if you're a Seller). You can chat as in a "Group Chat" and a team member from Webloit may be there to supervise the process to make sure everything goes well and an agreement is reached.

If you're satisfied with the outcome or change your mind regarding the status of a transaction you can then resolve it.

Resolving A Dispute

Resolving a dispute means you're satisfied with the outcome of a dispute conversation/negotiation you had with the Seller and that you're okay now with the product(s)or transaction. To resolve a dispute go to, in the menu on your dashboard, My Actions->Raised Disputes and then resolve the one you wish.

Cancelling An Order

As a buyer, if not interested, you can cancel the order using the link and supplying the necessary transaction ID.

Transaction History

This shows all your expenses as a Buyer or revenue generated as a Seller. Just input any past transaction ID related to you and all the transactions related to you will be displayed.

Running A Promo

In addition to the "Shipping Fee Customiser" discussed earlier, Sellers can also give discounts to customers where a code will be generated which they can they share with specific customers to be applied during checkout or offer discount to the public so that any Buyer/Customers on Webloit can see and apply it.

Also, you can set the discount type - whether discount will be represented in percentage or cash and a minimum quantity of a particular product to be bought before its application. You must specify the product to which the discount or coupon should be applied using the Product ID of the product. If, for instance, you set a "Discount Type" of "percentage" (and provide a value in the field where you're asked for the "price/percentage to deduct" of 20) then 20% less of the product shall be charged during payment after a successful verification of the code. If you choose discount type of cash then [CURRENCY] 20 shall be deducted from the money the Buyer is going to pay as discount during payment, where [CURRENCY] is the particular currency in which the product is being sold.

You can also set the duration of the coupon which are the first options displayed when you visit "Marketing->Give A Bounty" (from the side menu list) located in the dashboard

Email Marketing Campaign

This is one sure way of exciting customers especially when you offer interesting contents and when done right. It is sure of encouraging repeated purchase and customer satisfaction when done correctly. For marketing insight and tips check here. This option is located at "Marketing->Email Marketing". Note that spamming or causing unnecessary nuisance to buyers, if reported, may cause an account suspension, blocking from this service or even a permanent expulsion from Webloit.

To engage in email marketing on Webloit you'll need to have access to:

  • The password for the email address you used in signing up as this(the email address) will appear as the "sender".

  • The SMTP host of your mail provider. This information can be found online. For instance, if your email address is [email protected] then your SMTP host is gmail. Some common hosts have been provided already but you can still extend the list

  • The Port through which your SMTP host sends message. This can also be found online. Some common ports used by some hosts have been provided already but you can still extend the list

After getting these information you can then craft your email tailored to suit your audience(Customer Segment To Target). Don't worry about the placement or arrangment of the body especially when you add images. This is fixed in the background with a vertical stack-like styling before being sent to the recipients. Please note that in advertising your products to customers, YOU SHOULD NOT ADD ANY WRITEUP IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL/MESSAGE, just select the products you want to market/advertise and leave it/them the way the system generates it. Instead use a detailed sentence or intro as the heading/subject of the email.

You can also create a mailing list/email group to extend the customer segment to target. This option is available when you view your customers. After creating the list they automatically show up in the "Customer Segment ..." list on your next campaign. This is mostly done if you know some of your customers or the value they bring and only want to target these people. Note that:

  • Every email list is deleted after 30 days and is (the duration) subject to variation with or without prior notice.

  • You can only engage in a campaign per day and you must be a WebMinister.

  • Your emaill configuration like password, SMTP host and port isn't saved on our server. The only thing we save(for your convenience) is the SMTP host and port so that you can use it next time without the need to fill in the data again and this is saved in your browser/device.

  • You don't (and won't) have access to the email address(es) of your customers. You can only identify them by their names.

Sending Customised Emails

Customised emails add to trust and build relationship between you and the buyer as the emails appear to have been sent to a "specific" buyer even though it is a broadcast. You can customise the emails such that the recipients get to see their personal data like name and surname as subject of the message/email. To do this, wherever you want the personalised content (only name and surname for now) to appear (when creating email subhject) just put in any of these variables: "*fname" (for the first name) or "*lname" (for the last name). For example (if a customer's name is Emeka),

Dear *fname, these were carefully selected for you at a special discount rate of 80%

will, in the recipient's mail box, read as:

Dear Emeka, these were carefully selected for you at a special discount rate of 80%

as the *fname will be changed to the name of each recipient by the system.

Note that this is not applied to the email list of customers you supplied yourself. Avoid using these variables in this case to prevent customers from thinking you're not serious. Also, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REORGANISE IMAGES WHEN YOU FETCH THEM DURING ANY CAMPAIGN (unless you know what you're doing), THE SYSTEM DOES THE NICE FORMATTING BEFORE SENDING TO THE RECIPIENTS ON YOUR BEHALF.

Creating A Mailing List

You can create a mailing list of targeted customers so you can send each group a different and customised message. You can create the mailing list from the Customers you've, those that may have attempted to make a transaction but abandoned their cart (Prospective Customers) and from those that may have cancelled their order. To add to an already existing mailing list/group simply provide the exact name you used in the existing list/group when prompted for it and the new members will be added to the list else they'll be treated as of a different (and new) list. Mailing groups can be created under "Analysis->Customers/Prospective Customers/Unsatisfied Customers".

Creating A Campaign

Webloit, as an e-commerce aggregator and platform, provides the opportunity for WebMinisters to further track or expand on the email marketing feature by allowing them create custom campaigns to enable them track their source(s) of traffic as well as check the effectiveness of any advertising medium they may be engaged in. For instance, as a seller on Webloit, you may decide to further market your product(s) via Whatsapp or Facebook and/or may have paid Influencers to help you market your product(s). It is wise to track the effectiveness of this marketing by creating a campaign for it so that a feasibility study or research can be carried out in the future.

As a live example, suppose you decide to market your product(s) via Instagram to determine which medium is more effective and bring in more customers between Instagram and Twitter, then in creating a campaign for this;

  • the UTM Source will be
  • The Medium will be any fancy name you like. For instance, "Instagram Ad".
  • The Content Heading shall also be any fancy name you prefer but is usually just a sentence or one that contains a short phrase. For instance, "Buy through instagram".
  • The Landing Page is any page on Webloit and also includes those created by you. This page is the page you'll like your users/customers to be directed to when they click on your advertisement link(that is created for you after every start of campaign). Some popular links to landing pages on Webloit can be found, on the dashboard, in: Inventory Management, created pages and when you view created categories (those you must have created). But in an event where the link you want isn't any of these then you should manually type it as the landing page with the scheme and URL specified without any query string attached to it. Also, avoid any leading forward slash("/") at the end. To get any URL on Webloit that is not any of the predefined ones, manually navigate to the site/page and in the navigation bar of your browser copy out the URL as displayed there.
  • The Call To Action simply states what you want the user/customer/visitor to do when they visit the site/page. For now we shall only track sales since profit is the goal of all businesses on Webloit.
  • The Description may be a detailed explanation of why you started this campaign and what your end-goal is. This is for your own reminder and benefit.

After creating the campaign you can monitor the performance and also copy out the "link" that is displayed there. This is the link you will share/post on Instagram, whatsapp, etc (or any other medium you intended the campaign for). You can also send bulk emails with this link attached but we advice against this ON WEBLOIT. However, you can do this off Webloit while you still monitor its performance on your dashboard.

Running An advertisement

As an added advantage, if you don't sell tangible product but offer services or you'd like to promote your product then this is for you. You can set your budget size to spend on advertisement, as there's no fixed amount, and Webloit will take it up from there - advertising on your behalf on various media platform such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc including here on Webloit. Note that the minimum amount to spend on advertisement varies with dollar rate (or as adjusted by Webloit) and Webloit will take only 10% as commission from the total amount budgeted. As at May 29, 2022, it is NGN411.16. And ensure to only upload clear image(s) with the required dimension of 550/505px


Merchants, Sellers or other buyers may choose to engage in private trade with certain Sellers based on their user-defined criteria, one way to access this group of Users is by checking the "Requests" menu where you can respond to them with your own unique offer or response. However, this feature is only available to WebMinisters.

Customers Analysis

Gives an overview of your customers. Found in the "Analysis" section of the left-hand side menu.

Prospective Customers

Buyers may have added items to cart and even proceed to checkout but ended up not buying anything, such buyers are tagged "Prospects" and is provided for analytical purpose so you can target your email campaign or follow up on such Customers precisely. It is best to attract such customers with discounts and promotional offers during any of your campaigns.

Webfice Analysis

Gives an overview of your WebFice in general and how Users react with your site. Found in the "Analysis" section of the left-hand side menu.

Business Analytics

Gives an overview of your customers and how you relate with them. Found in the "Analysis" section of the left-hand side menu.

Inventory Management

See all your products in a simple tabular and more informative form.

Successful Transaction Analysis

Gives an overview of your top moving products or categories sold. This could indicate what your customers prefer and what you should focus on. Found in the "Analysis" section of the left-hand side menu.

Buyers Activities Analysis

Gives an overview of what Users actively search for when they visit your WebFice. Leverage on this information to provide on-demand and trending products as well as categories to sell. Found in the "Analysis" section of the left-hand side menu.

Marketing Analysis

Gives an overview of the success of your email marketing campaign so far. Found in the "Analysis" section of the left-hand side menu.

Campaign Analysis

Gives an overview of the success of your created campaigns so far. Found in the "Analysis" section on the left-hand side menu. The "link" tab in this page is the link you should share with customers or any marketing medium so that the campaign can be tracked and measured for effectiveness.

Selling Price Calculator

Say you want to sell a product but don't know the best price to put it so that you don't make the product unaffordable to your customers, one way to go about this is to simply put a percentage profit you'll like to make from it and then Webloit will suggest a selling price for you. So if you have a phone of NGN45,000 and wanna make a profit of 5% on selling this product then fill in these two details and we're done.

Setting Up Webfice

In this option you can edit and set the name of your WebFice so that it appears like when visited by Users. This name may be sometimes called your URL.

Also, you can add settings for your footer area such as your contact information like email and phone number which will be displayed on your WebFice so that Buyers can easily check up on you and even boost their confidence level. Note that after registration you must change the default name set for you else the WebFice may not be activated. This is found in the "Settings" section of the left-hand side menu under WebFice Settings.

Creating Pages On Your Webfice

In the spirit of customisation, you can as well add as many as four pages with titles which will be displayed on the header of your Webfice. This could contain information like your own T&C, FAQ, mini blog, etc. You're in control of the WebFice. This is found in the "Settings" section of the left-hand side menu under Create Page. The sort ordering determines the order of placement of the pages on the header of your WebFice.

If you create/add a page called 'return policy' this will be displayed to buyers when they view your products. If you wish to extend our default 7-day warranty period and will like to make this known to the public with your own T&C then we recommend you create a page like this. Please note that T&C also applies.

Account Synchronization

If you had ever patronised WEBLOIT before signing up for an account it is important you follow this step so that all past transactions can be linked to you. WEBLOIT is a free-for-all e-commerce platform and as such is very liberal so that you don't need to have an account before you buy anything. However, should you feel like tracking your purchase history or making any complaint on transaction it is important and mandatory you follow this step.

Note that the synchronization can only be linked to the current email you used in signing up. If you may have purchased with different email addresses in the past before settling down with us then you will have to change your email address to any of those email addresses (as a way of verifying you have access to them) and then synchronize again. This should be repeated for all email address that should be linked to you from past transaction(s) - the days you were still outside the perimeters of Webloit.

To do this, under "Settings", click on "Synchronize Account" and that's all.

NB:If you ever make purchase while "offline" (that is, you didn't log in to your account before making the purchase) then you should follow (or repeat) this process even if you have this account since 1923.

Push Notification

This service/feature is what allows you receive real-time feedback directly on your device. On your Webloit, once you navigate away from the home/landing page a notification like that shown in the image below is displayed:

Click on the "enable" option and that is all it takes to start receiving push notification on your device. This is very important for sellers so that they will receive update immediately an order has been made for their product(s) and prepare it/them for delivery immediately.

Why Don't I Receive Notification?

It is possible, sometimes, that the token used to register your device has expired or that you may have manually (or mistakenly) blocked/disabled Webloit from sending you these notifications and want to enable the service once again. Open your web browser and navigate to (and visit any other page from there) where you'll see something like the image below (which is called the URL bar):

Just beside the URL, click on the icon highlighted above and you should see a Permission option presented to you. Change the setting to "Default/Ask" (as presented by the browser you use) and then reload the page. That is all. You'll then be prompted with a request notification asking you to enable notification which you're expected to accept this time.

Thank You For Choosing Webloit. We love you and truly appreciate your patronage. Greater days ahead!